State Support Team Region 9 Serving Schools in Holmes, Stark, and Wayne Counties
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State Support Team Region 9
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Straight A Grant - Social Justice
ALL IN: Ensuring ALL
Students Are Supported

August 3, 2017
Reading LiveBinder

APSE June 2016

District Transition Teams Session

Aspring Principal Network

Aspring Principal Network

CSEFEL Resources

UDL Live Binder Link Icon
UDL LiveBinder

District Autism
Team 2

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Mandates
for Supervisors

Family and Community Engagement LiveBinder

Northeast Ohio Transition Symposium 2016

OIP Technical Support

PBIS Effective Classroom Practices
PBIS Effective Classroom Practices LiveBinder

Practicing Principal Network

Practicing Principal Network

Practicing Principal Network

2015 Results Driven Classroom Practices Live Binder Link
2015 Results Driven Classroom Practices: 21st Century Learning for 21st Century Educators

2016 Results Driven Co-Plan to Co-Teach 2.0 Live Binder Link
2016 Results Driven Classroom Practices: Co-Plan to Co-Serve 2.0

Special Education
Profile Resources

SST9 Building Your Assistive Technology Team

SST9 Early Learning
Resources 2017-2018

SST9 Ohio Tests
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Strategies for the Struggling Older Reader
Access Key Needed

Students Reflecting on Their Writing Through Peer Editing for Grades 6-12
August 7, 2017
Writing LiveBinder

Transition Team Trainings
Cohort 2

2016 - 2017 Testing Coordinator

UDL Cohort 2