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Summary of Performance

Why do the Summary of Performance?

It is required under the reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEIA).  The law came into effect on July 1, 2005 [Section 614,(c)(B)(ii)]

Who needs a Summary of Performance?

  • Students with disabilities who will graduate this year with a regular high school diploma;
  • Students with disabilities who have not graduated from high school but have exceeded the age eligibility for a free appropriate public education (22nd Birthday).

What is a Summary of Performance?

  • Summary of the student's academic achievement;
  • Summary of the student's functional performance;
  • Recommendations on how to assist students in meeting their postsecondary goals.

What is the purpose of the Summary of Performance?

  • To provide guidance so that the student knows what accommodations and supports might be helpful in postsecondary settings;*
  • To assist students in transitioning from high school to post high school;
  • To provide students with summative documentation that goes with the student when he/she leaves high school.
  • The Summary of Performance does not automatically meet the requirements of documenting a student's disability under ADA for postsecondary institutions.
  • Accommodations written in the Summary of Performance are not guaranteed at the postsecondary level.

When is a Summary of Performance completed?

  • It is completed during the last year the student is in high school.  The specific timing during that last year* is individually based on the student's postsecondary goal(s), so it may be different for all students.
  • Best practice would suggest that the Summary of Performance be completed near the end of the student's education program.


  • The Summary of Performance is individualized and driven by the student's postsecondary goal(s).
  • The Summary of Performance Does not require any additional assessment.
  • The Summary of Performance is NOT a part of the Individualized Education Program (IEP); therefore, an IEP meeting does not have to be conducted to complete the Summary Performance.
  • Districts are currently meeting this requirement by:
    • Utilizing the information from the IEP (Other Information, Child's Profile Future Planning, and Age Appropriate Transition Assessments) and adding recommendations on how to assist the student in meeting the student's postsecondary goals;
    • Creating a separate form or document to meet this requirement.
  • IDEIA does not require that a meeting or an IEP meeting be held to complete the Summary of Performance, but given the information needed to complete the Summary of Performance, members of the IEP team need to be involved.  If a district involves these members by choosing to have an IEP meeting, required procedures must be followed in conducting the meeting, including prior written notice and invitations that include the student.
  • Districts should utilize existing records retention policies for the Summary of Performance, but would not be required to keep the Summary of Performance longer than two years for purposes of Due Process Compensatory Action.


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